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The secret of staying young & feeling young. Discover DNA GENE NUTRIENT (USA) ... look 10 years younger like many who have tried us ...


Nucleic acid is widely used in medicine. It belongs to the newly introduced biochemical drugs. They are: inosine, adenosine, cytidine, uridine and other nucleotide. These are used in the treatment of liver & heart disease, rheumatic arthritis and in leukopenia cause by anticancer drugs & by handling of noxious material in chemical production. Nucleic acid as a drugs has bright future in the treatment of cancer, virus diseases & myocardial infarction. It also could be used as induction agent for antibiotics.
American Doctor Franck thinks that one of the reason for human body getting old & feeble is short of nucleic acid, nucleic acid is conditional essential nutrition of human body. He expounded this in Nucleic Acid Science & Nucleic Acid Supersesion Treatment. The new nucleic acid nutrition series have been producing in the world, DNA GENE NUTRIENT (USA), a new health protection product produced in USA, has the function of activating, strengthening & recovering cell, enhancing immunity, softening skin, keeping youth, prolonging life & promoting health etc.

Reversing the aging process, Improvement of constitution, recovery during and after illness, ostoperative recovery, enhancement of vitality, effects for beautiful skin, relief from constipation.

Enhancement and improvement of the blood, muscle and bones.

Aging of the cell and how to reverse the aging process.

Each cell in the organs has its own life span. 500 thousand cells are regenerated per second.

The average life span of a cell is 200 days: red blood cells, 120 days; muscle, 180 days; liver, 200 days, and bone, 730 days.

30g of intestinal membrane cells are broken down and reformed every 24 hours.

The essential substance required for metabolism is DNA and RNA nucleic acid.

An averaged healthy person of 60kg in weight is 1000 to 1500 mg short of required figure of DNA, RNA.
(information by Japan molecular coordination nutrition research institute)

1. Aging phenomena caused by slow cell division and growth.

1. Aging of the skin

2. Aging of the stomach and intestines (constipation and diarrhea)

3. Aging of the blood (decline in immunity)

4. Decline in the ability to regenerate tissue (healing of wounds or fractures occurs at a slow rate, regeneration of cells, such as in the case of hepatitis, occurs at a slow rate)

5. Decline in the ability to produce sperm (deterioration of sperm, male infertility)

6. Poor growth, weak constitution (in case of children)

7. Obesity

2. Aging phenomena caused by a decline in the functions of nucleic acid

1. Increased risk of cancer (A diet rich in DNA and RNA nucleic acid cuts off the supply of nutrition for cancer cells. Therefore, cancer cells cannot grow.)

2. Promotion of arteriosclerosis, cardiac and cerebrovascular disease.

3. Increased risk of diabetes. (A diet rich in DNA and RNA nucleic acid activates the cells of the pancreas, encouraging the discharge of insulin)

4. All aging phenomena

3. Aging Phenomena caused by functional disorders of the neural system

1. Deterioration of memory

2. Development of dementia

Regulates Cellular Characteristics - Nucleic acids contain the blueprint for all cellular renewal, growth, and repair. They can help reduce the effects of cellular damage brought about by free oxygen radicals. RNA promotes the healthy repair and rejuvenation of cellular tissue. Adequate amounts of RNA help to prevent cellular degeneration responsible for premature aging. Some researchers feel that the genetic predestination carried down from generation to generation has a greater influence on human longevity than major diseases. For example, if generations of a certain family tend to live well into the 80s, the life span of future generation is predicted to be similar. Episodes of major health problems, such as coronary disease, cancer, etc., may only change the life span by five to ten years.

Supports Immune Function - Insufficient amounts of RNA can weaken the immune system. Both RNA and DNA can help to strengthen the immune system. Nucleic acids improve the efficiency of both T- and B-cells, the bodys army of fighting cells that defend against viruses and other invading microorganisms. RNA also enhances the ability of macrophages to clean up and rid the body of cellular debris(4, 5). A number of studies have shown RNA and DNA supplementation to help reverse immune depletion caused by chronic disease and serious trauma. Since all parenteral and some enteral nutrient solutions contain no nucleic acid, double blind studies were conducted to determine the efficacy of adding this important nutrient. In two separate double blind studies, the patients fed the diet containing the nucleic acids showed improved immune function over those who received the nucleotide-free diet. The patients who received the nucleic and nucleic acids in their diet also realized fewer infections and shortened hospital stays